Passion for the cause, dedication and natural talent may have fuelled your success so far. Something extra may be needed for the next stage of your mission. I could help your management team to:


  • Improve or refine your strategy
  • Restructure or reorganise
  • Enhance your culture
  • Elevate skills and maximise performance
  • Manage growth, change and communications


Successful not-for-profits are also not-for-loss. Competition can be tough. Selling is not selling-out. More reliable income may be needed to balance the books, scale-up or branch-out. I could help your business development teams to:


  • Learn more about the ‘science’ of selling
  • Professionalise your processes
  • Develop compelling value propositions and differentiators
  • Submit winning proposals
  • Increase and diversify revenue streams


Gold Star tools & techniques inspire not-for-profit organisations to raise the standards. These simple but highly effective approaches can be used at any stage. I could help your project delivery teams:


  • Design initiatives to deliver better results, faster, and with more certainty
  • Manage projects more effectively
  • Get independent assurance before or during implementation
  • Take corrective action mid-project if necessary
  • Evaluate actual performance against target

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