Passion for the cause, dedication and natural talent may have fuelled your success so far. Something extra may be needed for the next stage of your mission. I could help your management team to:


  • Improve or refine your strategy
  • Restructure or reorganise
  • Enhance your culture with shifts in diversity or attitudes and behaviours
  • Elevate skills and maximise performance across the organisation
  • Manage growth, change and communications



Selling is not selling-out. More reliable income may be needed to balance the books, scale-up or branch-out. Competition can be tough. I could help your fundraising or bid teams to:


  • Learn more about the ‘science’ of selling
  • Professionalise your business development processes
  • Develop compelling value propositions, differentiators and win themes
  • Submit outstanding proposals
  • Increase and diversify revenue streams


Successful projects make a difference, grab attention and build confidence that you can deliver even better results in future. I could help aspiring project superheroes to:

  • Clarify the vision and objectives
  • Set ambitious but realistic and measurable targets
  • Design an effective approach
  • Plan, resource and manage the work
  • Show that the benefits clearly outweigh the costs


Donors and senior executives need better oversight of projects. Normal reviews often mask design problems, delivery issues and poor results. Gold Star assurance inspires the sector to raise standards, avoid unhelpful media coverage, and show that aid works. Clear, succinct insights enable leaders to:


  • Select proposals with a decent chance of success
  • Check that delivery teams are ready to launch
  • Take corrective action during implementation
  • Evaluate actual performance against target
  • Showcase what works and learn from mistakes


Poverty reduction and wealth creation are two sides of the same coin. Business doesn’t have to cost the Earth. I can help design and deliver sustainable projects to:

  • Provide skills for employment and boost incomes
  • Establish small businesses or social enterprises
  • Find alternative livelihoods or enter new markets
  • Promote pro-poor ethical tourism
  • Grow the circular economy through recycling

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