Digital marketers tend to focus on acquiring traffic to a website. This is where marketing budgets are usually spent.

Yet, making the most of that traffic you acquire is a much smarter (and a more effective) marketing strategy.

First of all, it doesn’t require huge on-going budgets (unlike building traffic). In most cases, on-site tactics are either free or much less expensive than trying to drive new clicks from outside. All you will definitely need is time.

Secondly, investing in generating and nurturing leads allows you to understand your target audience better and accumulate your own data, which will help your marketing strategy in the long run.

Here are five ways to generate and nurture more leads from your existing traffic.

1. Start Building Sustainable Customer Relationships

This is the most fundamental step here, but it is also the one you need to handle first. Unless you have a well-defined customer relationship management system and marketing automation platform, there’s no point in acquiring new leads.

The moment a new lead comes in, your team needs to start developing on-going relationships with them. Otherwise, you will lose those leads, which are so hard to get!

Investing in a customer relationship building software is almost always a good idea here. You may think that your sales team will be able to handle it manually, but you will really see the difference when you empower them with a solid tool.

Featured toolSuper Office is one of my most recent discoveries because it makes the process very well organized and consistent. For each lead out there, you know exactly:

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